Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peer Reviews

Controls For Elevators

Meeting Table Elevator:

k - DOWN
i - UP

Helen Keller Elevator:

l - Ground Floor
o - 1st Floor
p - 2nd Floor

Sketchup Model

Link to Crysis Model


Meeting Table

I stuck to my original table idea because i think it's simple elegant and effective. The table site in the middle of the structure on the grass immediately surrounded by the elevator platforms. I wanted the table to represent equality in power and the freedom gained by it. Their power branches from will power, self motivation, education, and was exaggerated by the media.
The open floor space is very elemental - no covers, guides, or restrictions - just the freedom to commune on an equal level.
I purposely made the elevators move together/simultaneously to reinforce that equality. they each have their own office space to work and both are far enough from each other. When and if they decide to meet, they will meet together!! and respect each other by approaching the table equally.

Model in final valley

Helen Keller's Office Space

The above image shows the entrance corridor. I wanted it to be completely covered in brick, filling in the gaps of oppression and disability. although that fullness expressed by the wall creates a dark passage for the majority of others. I wanted this to express that we will never really understand Helen's view of the world as she experiences it through a different mid set.
(above) side courtyard
(below) roof top courtyard

The branches engulfing Helen's office have a dual purpose. Firstly to represent the different connections she made during her education, ( almost representative of the brains path n thought patterns); and secondly for practicality.
each wall is textured differently, providing a physical map of the different rooms, providing a physical/textural map of the spaces. The only smooth wall is the elevator platform running right through the building.